Hot air Balloon Advertising
At Ballooningmedia we specialise in the operation of Hot air Balloons to provide an Aerial Advertising platform for Clients. Hot air Balloon Advertising is not only a large flying billboard, but also a huge media friendly marketing tool. Operating Locally, Nationally or Internationally we can provide a solution to suit the needs of any advertising campaign.

Hot air Balloon Advertising

Whether you are looking at using a balloon once for a product launch or for a full aerial marketing campaign we can help. Up to four times more effective than traditional billboards a Balloon can really raise your brand.

Special Shape Balloons

Imagine your Logo, Mascot or Product flying across the Sky. Now imagine your Balloon being seen by Thousands of people as it flies over them. Many of those people will take photos and speak to other people about the balloon increasing Brand awareness. Special shape Hot air Balloons are also great head turners at events often becoming the centre of attention. Find out more information on Special shape Balloons.

Experiential Marketing

Hot air Balloons are becoming increasingly important in the field Experiential Marketing. Furthermore their ability to engage and interact with an audience creates a unique marketing vehicle. For more information visit our Experiential Marketing page. 

Social Media Marketing

Additionally Hot air Balloons are not just limited to outdoor advertising. Engage with your Target Market by combining your Hot air Balloon with your Social Media. Furthermore by Running competitions or adding a Hastag on the Balloon it will expand the Balloons and your Social Media popularity. For more information on Ballooning and Social Media Marketing visit our dedicated page.


We attend events worldwide with our Hot air Balloons whether by invite or for Marketing purposes for clients. Our balloons have been seen at some of the UK’s Biggest events, Europe and the Middle East. Why not contact us to see what we can do for you.

Hot air Balloon Hire

Looking to Hire a Hot air Balloon? We have Hot air Balloons of all shapes and sizes for a range of situations. Visit our Balloon Hire page or contact us with your requirements.

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