Aerial marketing

Nothing creates a bigger impact than Aerial Marketing with a 100ft Hot air Balloon floating above your target audience. Up to 4 times more effective than a standard billboard. A standard shape balloon can promote your brand in a very unique way.

For example in one standard flight over Bristol a balloon maybe seen by up to 100,000 people. When you add the photos that people take while the balloon is flying. Then add those photos to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The amount of people and the retention value of the balloon is increased.

It’s not just flights over a city a balloon will be noticed. In the UK many events allow a balloon to attend. Events like London Marathon, Royal International Air Tattoo and The Boat race on the Thames all invite balloons. They invite the balloons to increase the attraction of the event which creates more publicity of the balloon.

The modern day Hot air Balloon can be designed in such a way to be in the shape of the product it is trying to promote. Advancements in artwork and printers means if you take it on a camera adding it to a balloon is not a problem.

With all the advertising benefits a balloon provides in terms of Aerial marketing, it also provides a great hospitality function and offers the chance to fly guests, press or staff as a reward.

We offer a wide range of options in the operation of a balloon marketing program tailored to suit your requirements. Whether it is a one off event, short term contract or an International tour of the balloon. Click here for more information.

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If you think a balloon will be good to get advertising for your company or would like more information. Why not speak to us to see how we can work with you to promote your company.

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