Operating a hot air balloon can vary depending on what a client requires. We can offer a truly unique and tailored package to suit your needs to make sure your targets are met. We have detailed a few options below to give you an idea of the options we can offer.

Short Corporate Balloon campaign

Suited to Launches or Promotions these can be lasting only a few weeks or even just a one off event. We can offer several options which can include a small branded balloon designed in your colours to appear at the scheduled event. We could also offer a balloon which has a specially designed banner advertising for your product.

Medium Corporate Balloon campaign

This type of campaign is suited for Product launches and Promotions that will last around a year where the balloon will be operating in a specific area or events suited to your product.

Long Corporate Balloon campaign

Ideal for Brands and Products that needs high exposure at a wide range of events not specific to the brand. This type of campaign is designed to last several years where the balloon attends National and International high attended media friendly events.

All of our campaigns are highly flexible and operated on a timescale suited to you. Medium and Long Campaigns can be renewed at the end of the contract and are operated on an Annual Management Charge plus a daily rate which is dependent on the itinerary. This will ensure the operation of the balloon is delivering the result you need and within budget.