Additional BrandingThere are many other parts to a Hot air Balloon that can be branded to increase the exposure of the brand. At Ballooningmedia we are regularly in front of large crowds and media. That is why it is always important to consider the additional branding opportunities available.

You may wish to have a branded trailer which will not only incease the exposure where the balloon appears but while the balloon is flying and the trailer is following it will often go through cities while the balloon is flying overhead. Along with the Trailer branding a vehicle will also bring additional benefits to increasing the branding value, we also have experience of using the vehicle to get clients brands across.

Additional Branding on the balloon can include Basket banners on all sides of the basket for when people and media come up to the balloon for interviews and talk, again increasing the brand exposure.

Branded clothing makes the Balloon Team look more professional and again makes it very much the YOUR Brand Balloon Team. It is also ideal for when being interviewed on TV which will happen quite frequently while the balloon is out and about making sure that logo is in shot.

We always suggest this additional branding is taken into consideration simply for the extra attention and opportunities your brand will receive.