Bristol balloon Fiesta Launch

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is the largest balloon event in the United Kingdom and the biggest free event in Europe. Always on the 2nd Weekend of August the event brings between 120-150 Hot air Balloons to Ashton Court in Bristol. The event’s held over four days and attracts a staggering 500,000 people to the event. During the four days there are 7 Mass Launches and two Nightglows featuring the balloons. The Nightglows themselves attract around 100,000 people each along with International press.

History of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The event started in 1979 with only 27 Balloons and set in Bristol’s Ashton Court. The event increased in popularity since then both with the Public and Balloonists alike. Bristol Balloon Fiesta was one of the first events to introduce Special Shape Balloons with the Robertsons Golly. The Balloon Festival also introduced the largest passenger carrying balloon. The Balloon was so large it required a double decker basket.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta has also introduced Royalty with Prince Edward appearing at a previous event. Furthermore numerous celebrities have visited the event.

Statistics of the Balloon Fiesta

  • 500,000 People attend the event over the 4 days.
  • Europe’s biggest free event for the public to attend.
  • The most Photographed annual event in the UK.
  • An expected £16million generated for the Local Economy.
  • Each Balloon gets photographed on average 2500 times and posted to Social media over the 4 Days.
  • Press Coverage exceeds £8millon each year around the world and mainly focuses on the Balloons.
  • 85% of People at the festival recalls at least 10 of the Balloons they seen by Brand Name.

Advertising at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The easiest way to advertise at the Balloon fiesta is by advertising on a Balloon. A Balloon at the Balloon fiesta will be seen by 125,000 people a day at the festival. Furthermore the Balloon attracts free press with the Hundreds of Media outlets at the Balloon Festival. However the way media will photograph a balloon regardless of the Branding makes the Marketing potential really appealing. Advertising on a Balloon makes your Brand media friendly.

If you would like more information on the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and showcase your Brand at the festival please contact us. Furthermore we have plenty of information on our site into more ways a Hot air Balloon makes effective advertising. 

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