Experiential Marketing is a form of engagement marketing process in which your get the audience engaged with your brand. Hot air Balloons are ideal for experiential marketing which can act as the main part of the advertisement. Alternatively a Hot air Balloon can support an event associated with engagement advertising. Let us explain.

Modern marketing trends are changing. Traditional advertising in the form of TV and Radio have become diluted due to the choice of channels and playback TV. Brands have now turned to experiential marketing where they give their audience something to remember.

Why is Experiential Marketing Effective

  • Engaging with your audience helps them to associate with your Brand.
  • Unlike Static advertising it brings your Brand to Life and engaging.

Hot air Balloons are the perfect tool for any kind of engagement advertising because of the nature of what the balloon is. Highly attention grabbing a Balloon not only draws attention but you can make the balloon the focal point of your Marketing.

Case Study – Southern Plasticlad

To help launch their Brand new balloon at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Southern Plasticlad wanted a way for people to focus on their balloon. This could have been difficult when there are 150 other Balloons at the event. How could we get a way for people to focus on the new Balloon and engage with the brand? With a competition. Southern Plasticlad already advertised on Local Radio so with a little tweak to their Radio Advertising to make people engage with the balloon.

The competition was for people to take a photo of the balloon and share it to Southern Plasticlad’s Facebook page during the balloon fiesta. The winning photo would win a free balloon flight in the balloon after the balloon fiesta.

At the event we displayed the balloon in a way where the Public throughout the event saw the balloon. The engagement was instantaneous with people taking photos of the balloon and sharing their photo on the company’s page.

Results of the Competition.

  • More Photographed than the Event Sponsors Balloon.
  • Hundreds of photos sent and shared to the Southern Plasticlad Facebook Page.
  • Increased Brand awareness for Southern Plasticlad.
  • Additional and Free publicity on BBC Points West and ITV and The Guardian.
  • Post event publicity including Social Media and Online Industry Blogs.

If you would like further information on how we can perform experiential marketing with a balloon for you. Simply contact us for more information and we would be happy to discuss your details.

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