Having a Hot air Balloon at your Wedding can really add to the experience of the day. We have several unbranded hot air balloons suited to appear at weddings. A Hot air Balloon at Weddings are ideally suited to entertaining guests while the reception is in progress. We have also used balloons for photo opportunities with the Bride and Groom and to meet and greet guests.

If you are looking at bringing a balloon to your wedding there are important things to note. Firstly you will need to make sure the wedding venue has enough space for the Balloon. The space required is about half a football field and clear of powerlines and trees. Secondly you must have permission from the venue. Once we have permission we can then talk to the venue in regards to our health and safety.

If you would like to talk to us in regards to have a balloon at your wedding please contact us. Please see below the testimonial from a wedding we attended.

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs Fracz

“What a wonderful Job done by Doug and his whole team! The Balloon was the huge talking point throughout the day; Chrissie had no idea at all and was over the moon. You guys really helped to make our big day that extra bit special! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories! (And for staying on late!)” Adam Fracz

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