We are passionate about promoting ballooning to all ages which is why we offer school visits as part of our services. Hot air Ballooning can actually cover a wide host of subjects like Science, Geography and History. Our Hot air Balloon School Visits programme varies depending on the age of the group we work with.

Typical Hot air Balloon School Visits Include:

  • A Brief History lesson describing how Ballooning first started with the Montgolfier Brothers into Modern day Ballooning.
  • A Look around the Basket with an option of standing in the basket (Balloon not connected).
  • Demonstration of how the Balloon is inflated followed by a Short Tether.
  • Once the Balloon demonstration has finished we move back to the classroom with a Question and Answer session.

Important to note while we offer this as a service we are subject to the weather conditions and availability. However we can also provide an indoor lesson on Hot air Ballooning.

If you would like more information on a balloon attending your school please contact us for more information. Moreover we will be happy to supply information on Ballooning if you wish.

Sponsor our School Visits

We are currently looking for a Companies or Organisations to sponsor our school visits. Sponsoring our School Visits can bring your company great recognition within the community. Additionally you will find sponsoring the Team will see your Brand Awareness increase. For this kind of sponsorship we will only consider appropriate companies that our suitable. However if you are interested in sponsoring a balloon we have other ways you can do so. For further information on sponsoring Hot air Balloon School visits please feel free to contact us.