A Hot air Balloon is a great tool for you to enhance your Social Media Marketing strategy. When people see a Hot air Balloon they automatically stop and take notice of the Balloon. Why? Because the Balloon isn’t normally their and it is different. Whether it is a normal shape or a special shape it doesn’t matter the peculiar object in the sky is different. Furthermore that object which in this case is the Balloon has grabbed their attention and they are taking notice.

With that attention already captured, modern trends will make people take pictures and upload them to Social Media. This enhances and expands the reach of the Balloon further. The average Facebook user has 338 friends on their profile which means one person taking a photo will reach them also.  A Standard flight over Bristol will easily be seen by 100,000 people. Assuming 1% of those people adds a photo to Facebook that’s an additional 33,800 people viewing the balloon. More importantly it is very likely some of these people will know each other. This will create engagement between the people discussing the balloon they have just seen. The above is just an example of a standard flight over Bristol. However there are many ways to enhance the balloons social media presence.

Hot air Balloon Flight Competitions

Encourage people to engage with your balloon by asking them to take pictures to win a balloon flight. Add the conditions they have to tag the balloon to your Social media.

Add a #Hashtag on the Balloon

The Hastag has become an important tool for Social Media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Adding a Hastag like #ballooningmedia will help people to identify what they need to add to their images when shared.

Live Feed from a Balloon

Facebook has recently started to encourage Live Feed’s. This is good marketing tool as it will make people watch and if they see the balloon they will take a photo of the balloon.

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