Special Shape Hot air Balloons are the most highly effective aerial advertising platforms in the world. Unlike the traditional Hot air Balloon a Shaped Balloon commands attention by its unique design. Since the first Special Shape Balloon built in the 1970’s their have been hundreds of unique designs built. The design of special shape balloons are only limited by imagination and can replicate any product or logo.

The attention a special shape balloon commands from media and the public at events means they are always the centre of attention. Media platforms will often showcase the balloons attendance due to the peculiar shape the balloon. By their very nature with moving in the wind or flying over head they always turn heads.

Modern manufacturing techniques means digital printing adds to the balloon to make a more photo realistic flying product.

Special shape Balloons can also be effective with your Social Media and provide a great tool to relate to your target audience. We can provide examples of successful campaigns involving social media.

These kind of balloons can also have their own merchandise associated with them making them even more popular and noticeable at events.

Our experience in operating Special Shape hot air balloons have seen us travel the world. We also operate special shape balloons at some of the UK biggest events.

If you would like any further information on Special Shapes please feel free to contact us.

Examples of Special Shape Hot air Balloons

lightbulb special shape hot air balloonLobster Special Shape BalloonSpecial Shape Balloon Aerial AdvertisingIsrael Special Shape Balloonbattery shape hot air balloons