Make your event noticed by an 80ft Tethered Hot air Balloon at your event. A Tethered balloon are a highly visible sight and are suited to all kinds of events; Products Launches, Weddings, Village Fetes and Corporate days to name a few.

Ballooningmedia are highly experienced in tethering hot air balloons and have tethered balloons all around the world. We have operated balloons in the UK, United Arab Emirates and Israel in balloons all shapes and sizes.

Tethering a balloon is not just limited to day time with use in the evenings can actually be just as effective at an event. Depending on the weather conditions on the day the balloon can rise up to 100ft giving guests a great view. If you want to look to use a balloon for a Product Launch you may wish to consider adding a banner to promote your brand further.

Wedding tethers with a balloon will treat your guests with tethered rides as well as add to the day. For more information please visit our Wedding Balloon Displays page.

We also use our Tethered Balloons to visit schools as part of an educational talk on Hot air Balloons and science. For more information please visit our School Balloon Programme‚Äôs page.

Corporate Days also ideal for a Tethered Hot air Balloon to attend. You can take staff for a tethered flight, corporate guests or potential clients to help to impress them. Again you also want to consider adding your branding to the balloon in the shape of a banner or even bespoke balloon. Please visit our Banner advertising page if you wish to explore advertising on a balloon during your event.

Village fetes are also ideal for a balloon to attend and can quite an attraction adding extra colour to your event. Previous events have also raised money for charities to great effect. We also organise balloon flying events which could end the event if you wish.

Need Further Information on Tethered Hot air Balloon Displays?

Should you require more information on a Tethered balloon at your event please contact us. We are always happy to help you in any queries you may have.

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